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Bookkeeping Manager
Durban - Kwa-Zulu Natal
Posted 4 years ago
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Position of Bookkeeping Manager


You will need the following qualities and skills to succeed in this position:

  1. It is imperative that you are organised, efficient and accurate
  2. Be proficient in bookkeeping with at least 6 years’ experience – of which at least 2 MUST be with an Accounting Practice
  3. You must have experience in managing junior staff
  4. Have working experience in Pastel Partner, Xero, Sage Online, Quickbooks Online
  5. Be of a good/sunny disposition as you will be dealing with clients daily, and we are ALL about the people
  6. Be a team player and take initiative when the situation calls for it.
  7. Have excellent telephone and email etiquette

The detailed Job Spec is as follows:

  • Management and administration of the bookkeeping department, including electronic files, pastel files & passwords, etc.
  • Management and review of junior bookkeepers.  Both in actual work functions and administratively (e.g. Quarterly performance reviews, training objectives, etc)
  • Assisting with queries, giving direction and training to junior staff
  • Auditing junior bookkeepers working papers and audit file preparation
  • Compiling and managing the monthly work programs for Junior Staff
  • On and off-site processing of your own clients' accounting information (cashbooks, journals, VAT etc.) on various accounting and other software packages
  • Processing monthly depreciation, accruals, and other journals so that books are reported on a CTC basis
  • Monitor client inventory and fixed assets registers
  • Keep detailed working papers
  • Preparation, analysis, and interpretation of monthly management accounts
  • To prepare budgets and cash flows for clients when required
  • VAT & provisional tax calculations
  • Preparation of audit packs for auditors
  • Completion & submissions of individuals (IT12) income tax returns
  • Completion & submissions of company (IT14) and Trust income tax returns
  • Completion and submission of certain statutory returns
  • Submissions of various documents to SARS and other bodies
  • Liaising with clients, SARS and various other bodies
  • To create required SOP’s (systems of procedure) and maintain current SOP’s
  • Implementation and adherence to required record and timekeeping systems
  • General administration
  • Filing
  • Other related reasonable tasks that will arise from time to time
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