Life can be so fast paced, for most of us with busy schedules, it can be a real challenge to sneak in a few quiet moments of reflection.

Recently, we had the opportunity to stop and ponder something quite magical and profound as we chatted to some overseas friends. They were amazed at how warm-hearted and friendly South Africans were.


We are truly blessed to have this beautiful country as our home and to live alongside such incredible people.

For us, home is the starting place of love, hopes and dreams, which is why when we first heard of an organisation called Likhon’ iThemba, it really warmed our hearts and opened our eyes to the support, love and nurture that our communities need.


We owe it to our beloved country to take a little time to make a difference.

Change starts with us which is why we have decided to partner with Likhon’ iThemba as our social development client.

As business owners we have an obligation to support our surrounding communities, some of whom desperately need our help.

The benefit to you as business owners by giving to registered non-profit organisations is that any contribution made qualifies for a Section 18A certificate. This means your contribution is fully tax deductible and is also recognised as a valid contribution towards your BBBEE certification.


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our social development client of choice, Likhon’ iThemba.


We encourage you to visit their website and consider partnering and supporting them, or any other registered non-profit organisation.


Let’s all be a part of a positive movement of change, helping and supporting each other and our communities. As we all come together to do our bit we benefit not only our country but also as business owners.


We are doing our bit, are you?

Likhon’ Ithemba


Dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment to children who are left with no one.


Likhon Ithemba have a keen interest in children with special needs with their main beneficiaries been under privileged children ages birth to 7 years old.


They aim to support the biological families of the children in their care as well as their adoptive families. They are always interested in networking with people who may be involved with an NPO or similar organisation to ours, or people wanting to get involved and give back to the community.

About their Team


Leanne and Kim are very much pro adoption, having 3 adopted children of their own through the HOLAH Baby House and a similar organisation. They offer free advice and assistance to anyone interested in adoption or considering giving their child up for adoption.


Their first-hand experience with adoption enables them to speak directly into the areas people need assistance and support in.

Likhon’ Ithemba has 3 divisions:


HOLAH – HOLAH Baby house is registered as a place of safety caring for up to 6 babies at a time. HOLAH HOLAH ensures a loving, homely environment for little ones providing everything they need to grow, meet their milestones and thrive! The heartbeat of HOLAH HOLAH is to give babies the best start possible by meeting their basic needs and providing them with the love that all young children need.


BOP – BOWL OF PLENTY – The basic need for food has grown exponentially since the BOP project started. BOP has followed this growth by providing weekly meals to parts of our city that don’t receive community support. THE JOY A MEAL BRINGS IS PRICELESS!!!


CHARITY HOP SHOP – Aims to bring in the much needed funds to support Likhon’ Ithemba initiatives. They accept all donations – women and men’s clothes, kids clothes, appliances, sports equipment, household items, etc – as long as they are in working order and good condition.


I hope that you would consider partnering with Likhon’ iThemba or any other registered non-profit organisation.

We are doing our bit, are you?

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