10 Tips To Always Ensure You Hire The Right Person For The Job

10 Tips To Always Ensure You Hire The Right Person For The Job

Consider How The Candidate’s Aspirations And Career Goals Fits With The Job Description.          

As you brainstorm the job description, think ahead. Consider how you see the position evolving in the next few years. Ask yourself how your ideal candidate would fit into the overall growth and vision of your business. Get to know the career aspirations of your candidate. This will help you decide whether there is a synergy between your candidate’s aspirations and your business goals.

It can be tempting to skip procedures and processes but don’t! Make sure you go through the process of contacting references for background checks, find out how your candidate interacted with co-workers and clients. You rather be safe than sorry! So don’t skip steps.

Don’t Focus On Their Past

Try not to focus too much on the candidates past, aim to find out how they currently solve problems, what lessons have they learned and how they can positively impact the work environment now. Hire people for their future potential.

Consider Evaluations Other Than The Face-To-Face Interview

The face to face interview is a great starting point, but it cannot give you an accurate reading of a candidate’s real personality, competence and performance. Helpful tools such as personality tests and skills-based questionnaires can be great to determine important factors in identifying the perfect candidate.

Allow The Candidate To Spend Time With The Team

Social and professional interaction amongst colleagues is crucial. Your potential employee needs to fit in with the rest of your team and organisational culture. After all, they will spend 9 hours a day together, so they need to be able to have a healthy work relationship.  Before making any final placements, allow potential candidates to do something fun and social together with the team and leaders they will be working with.

Pay Attention To The Questions They Ask

The questions a candidate asks will reveal a great deal about where their headspace is at and if they have researched the company. When a candidate asks questions, this shows that they an inquiring mind, have taken the time to prepare and is a positive sign.

Make Sure The Candidate Understands The Company Culture

What kind of workplace do you want to build? What characteristics do you value most in your employees? It’s essential that a candidate understands the company ethos and feels like they are a fit.   Ultimately if the company ethos doesn’t resonate with the employee, the relationship will be short-lived.

Communicate Clear Expectations

Communicating your expectation to the candidate openly and upfront will also help them decide whether they are a good fit or not for the position or not and helps to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Consider Their Areas Of Improvement   

This question encourages candidates to articulate areas where they lack tangible skills. Getting to candidates weaker areas or areas of improvements will give you the insight to identify work ethic, willingness to learn and improve themselves and where they might need a little extra mentoring.

Test Their Trade

Just as you wouldn’t buy a new car without going on a test drive, why would you hire someone without first testing their skills and ability to do the job? Being job competent is the most necessary component when deciding who to hire.  While a great personality is also beneficial and needed- at the end of the day the person has to be able to do the job well and be an asset to your business! Doing trade tests will ensure the candidate can perform at your desired level and save you time and resources from hiring the wrong person.

Don’t Rush The Process  

It’s easy to skip processes when you have a desperate need to fill an important position. However, if you skip steps, you risk the chances of hiring someone who isn’t a great fit. Holding out for the perfect candidate will be worth it in the long run, being super selective is a good thing!

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